The ultimate everyday outfit for men has to be tracksuits. Tracksuit bottoms and tops can be worn around the home, when relaxing at your place or with friends, cleaning your house or car, getting ready to go out, outside in pretty much any weather, in the gym even for cardio, and of course when it’s cold in your bed... 

Nothing is more important than the softness when selecting a tracksuit, in this world, the softer the product the higher the levels of quality and we’re proud to say at Box Menswear it’s thought we have some of the softest fleece tracksuits and sweatpants available to order online. The cotton rich blended fleece which we use in our tracksuits undergoes several processes to soften and protect it, as well as retain its vibrant colours. 

Colour wise we have several to choose from. We have the classic black tracksuit, as well as light grey sometimes referred to as melange grey in addition to a bold red and navy. These 4 colours are available in all fleece tracksuit products including fleece jogging bottoms or sweats, hooded tops or hoodies, zip up fleece jackets and mens crew neck jumpers. This colour combination works especially well if you’re trying to coordinate with some trainers, socks, sliders, t-shirt or even a winter coat. 

In addition to the items listed above, we also offer some 100% cotton tracksuit bottoms with an elasticated waistband, offering comfort in all sizes from XS, Small, Medium, Large as well as the bigger sizes including XL, 2XL and 3XL. The cotton bottoms which we call trackpants are a favourite type of tracksuit jogs, especially amongst those travelling longer distances by car, coach or air. Outfits for travelling in can be tricky, but with a Box Menswear tracksuit you’ll be comfortable the whole way. What’s more, our track pants look so smart you could even go for an informal meal or drink to a bar or pub wearing them and nobody would bat an eyelid. 

One thing during the design process that our customers taught us is the importance that tracksuits must be tapered, cuffed and fitting, that’s why all of our mens tracksuits feature all of these features. They look smart and tailored, not baggy or a cheap imitation. Whilst fitted tracksuits for men are important, we are developing newer tracksuits which are looser. New items will retain the cuffed and finished look but just allow some more movement and freedom.

If you’re looking for an idea for a gift for men then surely you’re already considering a tracksuit, even if the man in question is yourself. The best thing about buying a tracksuit as a present is you can always estimate or guess the guy's size. Another benefit of trackies as a present for him is it’s something he can use over and over again, not some useless kitchen appliance that will languish in a cupboard for months on end. If you’re seeking a gift for your boyfriend even better, because you get to look at him and his butt & bulge in the tracksuit you bought and if you’re a similar size, you can even borrow it for yourself. 

Lots of blokes choose to wear tracksuits with nothing underneath. So tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie is quite literally a full outfit, you don’t even have to wear socks, boxers, briefs of perhaps a jockstrap! The top of a tracksuit could also easily be a round neck crew jumper, it’s a really smart way to tie a tracksuit together. You’ve surely heard of the now infamous website Guys In Sweatpants. Well, that could be you if you opt to go commando in your tracksuit sweatpants, and if you’re looking to display bulge, then slip on some classic grey bottoms. As you think ahead to the Holiday Season and Christmas Day perhaps you should plan to buy a tracksuit or two to put under the tree. 

Universal Appeal

Tracksuits have a global appeal, they’re worn by Presidents & prisoners alike, the prison tracksuit is actually now a term of endearment when searching online for mens tracksuits. Right from the first Rocky movie released in 1976 up until the franchise now named Creed, classic tracksuits have not lost their appeal. We can all picture Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa running up and down the streets of Philadelphia, USA in his sweat soaked tracksuits, training for an upcoming boxing match. Fast forward to the more modern films in Liverpool, England and the tracksuit outfits haven’t changed much. To cater to this global appeal we deliver our tracksuit items practically worldwide, with the UK and USA showing huge demand. If you happen to take a look at London, Paris, Milan or any other EU Fashion Week there will be segments of famous fashion designer shows where the male models are strutting the runway in a tracksuit of some kind. 

One of the newer looks that’s emerged from the likes of Gymshark is the fashion of wearing your socks, normally white socks over the bottom cuffs of your tracksuit bottoms to accentuate the carrot or tailored look. This exact tucking of the bottoms into socks can be seen on Gym Shark founder Ben Francais when speaking at the prestigious Cambridge Debating Union. You’ll also see famous footballers as they exit the team bus sporting the same look pre match. 

Now time to put on a brand new fresh tracksuit, be it a full kit ensemble or just the bottoms and pair it with some box fresh trainers and you’re ready for almost anything.